Good Neighbour Campaigns

Atlantic reaffirms their community commitment

In the spirit of being a Good Neighbour in the Scarborough Centre community, Atlantic Packaging has released a 4-page update on their two nearby plants (111 and 333 Progress Ave.).  The news has been posted on their Community Updates website and can be downloaded directly here.

Read on below for a short summary of the key news items shared in Atlantic’s February 18th update.


As requested by active members of their Community Input Group, Atlantic Packaging wrote a statement that solidifies their commitment to community engagement:

Atlantic's Community Engagement Commitment

Atlantic Packaging continues to make a range of environmentally sustainable efforts at their facilities including renewable energy, water conservation, energy conservation, and waste reduction. Their most recent project proposal, a co-generation facility, has received neighbourhood feedback and will hopefully move ahead in the near future to increase efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Atlantic Packaging also replaced the Torbed reactor at 111 Progress Ave. with a different type of equipment (called a Fluid Bed Reactor) back in July 2012.  The old reactor, designed to burn residual paper biosolids that cannot be recycled, has unfortunately had ongoing problems that have resulted in a number of community complaints over the years. Back in January 2011, Atlantic hired a consultant to do hexachlorobenzene emission testing on the Torbed reactor and in March 2011 they had to fix an ongoing noise issue coming from its exhaust motor (Reference).

It turns out that around the same time,  the continuous air quality monitoring equipment connected to the Torbed reactor was not functioning properly. As this is a standard requirement for companies that have a Certificate of Approval with the Ministry of Environment, Atlantic Packaging was fined $15,000 for the technical violation (Reference). The company has assured us that no environmental impacts resulted from these monitoring errors and multiple shut downs. Now that they have installed the new reactor, we can expect smooth operations from here on out.

If you have questions about the potential emissions from the new Fluid Bed Reactor (such as Particulate Matter, Carbon Monoxide, and Hexachlorobenzene), please contact Atlantic’s Environmental Process Manager, Fatima Correia, directly at

While a date has not yet been set, Atlantic Packaging is planning to hold a community meeting soon to update the neighbourhood and answer any questions they may have. This is an important part of their Community Engagement Commitment (as shown above). Keep checking their Upcoming Events page to stay tuned!

Please read Atlantic’s full update for all the details summarize above and much more: