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Local residents want dialogue with crematorium decision makers

Local Moore Park resident, Margot Boyd, recently posted an article regarding a Toronto crematorium in her community. Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries (MPGC) has received tentative approval from the Ministry of Environment to install a new crematorium in place of the old ones. While it is a newer technology with better pollution prevention controls, it has an increased capacity to burn more and there are still unresolved issues about the crematorium’s extreme proximity to nearby homes.

Attempts to set a meeting with MPGC’s Board of Directors have failed, but not due to any refusal on the residents part! Margot writes in her article:

“As a member of the community, it is most frustrating to read a blatant falsehood from MPGC: “to be honest, none of them wanted to speak to us.” What plausible would reason would the community have for avoiding a dialogue?

Members of the Crematorium Working Committee in Moore Park have tried three times in the last year, without success, to engage board members of MPGC with hopes of negotiating a ‘win-win’ solution for both sides.”

Check out the full story on her blog: