Good Neighbour Campaigns

Pollution logs and calendars

Tracking pollution impacts and concerns gives community members the tools to verify the ongoing effects of pollution on their life and property. Widespread monitoring also builds a body of evidence, credibility for the campaign, and can get people involved in a simple way.

Recording pollution impacts and events in a calendar, log or other method, on a regular basis can be a simple, early-stage technique to engage community members. Monitoring helps provide the tools and a common language to describe experiences, demonstrate the frequency of events, and provide a broad body of evidence to encourage more neighbours to get involved, or to prompt testing and monitoring by regulators or the company.



Toronto Environmental Alliance distributed pollution concerns calendars so that community members could track odour or noise concerns in the Atlantic-Packaging GNC. The calendar proved to be a simple way for community members to show that they experienced odour and noise disturbances on almost a daily basis. The collection of concerns calendars provided credibility for the campaign among other neighbours and was used to approach the company. Read more here.


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