Good Neighbour Campaigns

Postcards and Letters

March 15, 2012

Writing letters and signing postcards are great introductory campaign tactics as they educate the community on the campaign issues and can generate high volumes of campaign support.  Asking community members to write personal letters to the company is a great way to introduce the Good Neighbour Campaign, get people engaged and to create personal connections [...]


March 5, 2012

“Stackwatch” and similar industrial facility ‘keys’ or fact sheets can help local residents identify, track, report, and understand pollution sources and events in their own community.  Learning about the processes, chemicals used, and pollution emitted by the target company will help a Good Neighbour Campaign gain and maintain credibility. Additionally, with proper monitoring and reporting, [...]

Pollution logs and calendars

March 5, 2012

Tracking pollution impacts and concerns gives community members the tools to verify the ongoing effects of pollution on their life and property. Widespread monitoring also builds a body of evidence, credibility for the campaign, and can get people involved in a simple way. Recording pollution impacts and events in a calendar, log or other method, [...]

C. Strength is in the Numbers

March 2, 2012

A Good Neighbour Campaign relies on the voice of the community to pressure a company into addressing their pollution. Build widespread support in the community, organize with others, keep community members interested and involved using a range of good communication techniques and tactics like letter writing and community pollution monitoring. These tactics show that the [...]