Good Neighbour Campaigns

What is a GNC?


A Good Neighbour Campaign (GNC) is a unique approach to dealing with local pollution concerns by building a relationship between the community and the responsible local industry.

It relies on open communication between the industry and the community to create Good Neighbours, and to find solutions to cut the impacts of pollution that are effective, and long term.

The Good Neighbour approach recognizes that industry is an important employer and part of the community, and does not seek to shut a company down. At the same time, the residents, other businesses and schools are not leaving, and local industry needs to be Good Neighbours to other community members.

On this website you can read more about the GNC approach, including How to Run a GNC,  a resource library of Tools and Techniques to use in Ontario, and you can read about successful and ongoing Good Neighbour Campaigns.

ThMap of Good Neighbour Campaigns across Ohioe Good Neighbour approach has been used successfully for over a decade by the US non-profit group, Ohio Citizen Action. Click on the map to read about their successes.



This web guide was created as part of the Good Neighbour Campaign Project of Toronto Enviromental Alliance (TEA) and Environment Hamilton.

The GNC Project allowed for the pilot testing of Ohio Citizen Action’s GNC model in Ontario to understand how it could help local communities address pollution. This website is a guide based on the experiences from the Good Neighbour Project, with tools developed by the partners and with stories from the communities we worked with.

The GNC Project was a collaborative project of  the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA), Environment Hamilton and Environmental Defence Canada from 2008 to 2012 with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.